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Nail problems and their treatments

  • Fungal infections are one of the most common nail disorders. There are a lot of fungal infections in toenails because the toes are restrained in a very heated, humid, weight-bearing milieu.
  • Nail problems make up around 10 % of all dermatological disorders.
  • Nail problems at times upsurge as we age and affect a great number of senior citizens.
  • Melanoma, the most lethal kind of skin cancer, can grow beneath the nail in rare circumstances. Such melanomas could also be misled for injuries; consequently a dermatologist like Dr. S. K. Kashyap should be referred if a dark-colored band appears in the nail plate, if the nail staining doesn’t steadily improve or if the sizes of the band will upsurge over time.

Other common nail issues consist of:

  • Ingrown toenails, triggered by unfitting nail clipping, poor posture, digestive issues or skintight shoes.
  • Do not try and self-treat ingrown toenails, predominantly if they are disease-ridden. See a skin specialist.
  • Perpendicular lines, called splinter hemorrhages, beneath the nails triggered by nail injury or some medication and ailments.
  • White spots after an injury in the nail.
  • Bacterial infections, most often owing to nail biting, poor skin cleanness, any injury, finger sucking or water exposure.

Useful tips for keeping nails healthy

  • Do not bite your fingernails as this could transmit communicable organisms between your fingers and mouth. Nail biting can also impair the skin near your fingers, allowing infections to move in.
  • You should keep the nails clean and dry so as to stop bacteria from gathering beneath the nail.
  • Rub a cream and then wash your nails, primarily when removing nail polish as maximum polish removers encompass chemicals that make the nails dry and flaky.
  • When toenails are thick and problematic to chop, immerse feet in warm salt water (one teaspoon of salt in half tub of water) for 5-10 minutes and then apply urea or lactic acid balm. This softens the nails and you can trim them easily.
  • Wear appropriate fitting shoes and alternative shoes every day. Skintight shoes can cause ingrown toenails.
  • If you apply a bright red or orange nail color, avoid discoloration by applying an extra coating of base coat. If your nails become yellow and blemished from the polish, they should return to their usual color over some weeks if the same polish isn’t reapplied.
  • Cut your fingernails and toenails straight across and curved marginally within the center. This will keep your nails strong and help you sidestep ingrown toenails.

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