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Kashyap Skin Clinic is a leading centre of excellence for health care and beauty treatment. Expert dermatologist, Dr. S.K Kashyap is the pioneer in hair transplantation surgery in dwarka, New Delhi. The doctor and his qualified team have handled many cases of hair transplant successfully over the years at very reasonable cost. His skill and excellence in the field attract many patience come to him for this procedure from all over India.

Many men and women suffer a common problem- hair loss or badness. To meet this problem, there are many hair fall control products available, though these are temporary solutions and in some case they are not effective. The most permanent solution is hair transplantation. Dr. S.K Kashyap, a leading hair transplant surgeon in Delhi explains this process to help you make an informed choice for your hair.

The treatment started in the U.S, hair transplantation is the surgery to enhance beauty of a person with a head full of hair. It involves removing a thin strip of hair-bearing scalp and using it on the area with scanty or no hair. The surgery is done in the chamber under local anaesthesia. The doctor utilizes modern techniques to make the surgery effective and successful for long lasting result. Those who are looking for the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi, Kashyap Skin Clinic is the place for you.

The doctor advises patients on post surgery treatment and care. A patient having recent hair transplantation will feel their scalp very tender. They need to take pain killer for several days. He may also advise you to wear surgical dressing on the scalp for the next two or three days for protection. You need to take antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory drug for several days post surgery. In most cases, people can be able to return to work after two to five days of surgery.

It requires expert hands and proficient skill of your dermatologist to handle the case of hair transplantation. Your doctor will explain you that within two or tree weeks post surgery, the transplanted hair will fall and new growth will start within a month. When successfully done, people will experience 60% of new hair growth after a few months.

Hair Transplant Techniques:

There are two popular techniques to remove the grafts/follicles.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUE is latest method for hair transplantation. At Kashyap Skin Clinic, We do hair transplantation by using FUE technique.

If you want to get back your healthy flowing hair once again, just do it now with hair transplant surgery in dwarka at Kashyap Skin Clinic. Book your appointment with us over phone call or enquire using online form.

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