Acne Surgery

Acne surgery is that the use of varied surgical procedures for the treatment of post acne scarring and additionally, best treatment for active acne type. Surgery may require in each active acne and post-acne scars. The aim is to permanently smoothen the skin, eradicate black heads and white heads and remove clogged pores. Acne surgery in Dwarka Delhi helps to cut back current acne burst. Patients who are undergoing acne surgery treatments should continue to have periodic visits with the skin doctor for acne management.

Certain scars like terribly deep scars or scars that project outward from the skin are usually best removed surgically. The scar is cut out fully and also the skin edges are carefully brought together with sutures. The final scar is way less visible than the initial acne scar.

Surgery may be a nice treatment for the subsequent acne scars –

  • Tethered or anchored scars- subscion, continual 2-3 times
  • Depressed scars- punch elevation and dressings
  • Bridging scars, – excision with sutures
  • Ice pick scars- treatment with punch excision and a future

Most acne surgery procedures are often performed in a dermatologist’s minor procedure room.

ACTIVE ACNE: Surgical procedure is only an adjunct to medical therapy, that remains the mainstay of treatment. Come done extraction may be a method of applying simple mechanical pressure with an extractor to wipe out the contents of the blocked oil gland follicle.

Some acne lesions are deeply embedded into the skin and can lead to swelling and redness. They can even be unresponsive to alternative acne management ways like cortisol injections. In such cases, a skin doctor could suggest draining the pimple. During this kind of surgery, pimples are cut open and drained of their contents.

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