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Body shape and excess weight can affect the physical as well as mental health of an individual. Many of us are exhausted from trying various diets and workouts to get in shape but most of the times nothing works when long term commitment is involved. Self-esteem and body image issues tag along with that extra weight. Fortunately, with advancing technology you have a chance to lose stubborn fat and get into a perfect shape in no time. Laser body shaping and contouring treatment is one such modern tech for weight-loss management.

Kashyap Skin Clinic brings a novel Body Shaping and Contouring Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi to let you get rid of that extra weight and sculpt the body as you desire. It is a non-surgical, safe and time-saving weight reduction procedure. This treatment enables even the busiest individuals to achieve their body shape goals with minimum time and energy investment.

Our experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist have curated a comprehensive weight-loss programme for people looking for this treatment. Let’s make you understand how it works on the human body.

How does it work?

The main principle which leads to fat reduction is as simple as what happens in our body when we exercise. During heavy workouts, our body needs more energy, which is fulfilled by burning fat. Fat from our body flows through the blood, where it moves to the muscles to provide the energy they need. With this muscles perform better and helps in removing fat cells. A similar process happens in this treatment but the difference here is that during the body sculpting procedure motoric nerves are triggered without the patient needing to do any movements. The effect of the treatment is impossible to achieve with regular exercise, hence are the amazing outcomes it gives to the patient.

At Kashyap Skin Clinic, two innovative methods are cumulatively used to deliver the best body shaping and contouring treatment in Dwarka. They bring out the desired outcomes for our patients. The first course of action is to use high-intensity electromagnetic waves to create stimulus in the muscles. This process

brings out fat elimination from the body. The next system involved is RF and cavitation which helps in body tightening and toning. In this, better blood flow is induced throughout the body which reinforces firming and sculpting. Both the methods are top-notch and safe methods for quick weight loss.

These modern laser techniques are focused and effective for body forming. They make it possible to achieve up to 30,000 contractions in one session. According to your aims, experts at our clinic will decide upon the number of sessions required to achieve them.

During this weight loss programme, a dietician consult is provided to our patients. They will provide you with a customized and easy diet plan so that you derive maximum benefits from the treatment.


1. Forms the body into the desired shape.

2. To grow and develop stronger muscles.

3. Fat loss in a shorter period.

4. Helps in staying in perfect shape.

5. Butt lifting and contouring.

6. Building a youthful posture

7. Reducing the saggy belly and reshaping it.

8. No surgical method is used.

9. Hassle-free and time-saving treatment.


Body shaping and contouring treatment in Dwarka is a non-surgical and safe procedure. With no pain indication, clients can go back to their normal routine right after the treatment. Some patients could get cramps which usually go away in a day or two. Rest is advisable in such a situation.

After completion, you are expected to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain the weight of your newly formed body.

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